Friday, November 7, 2014

SEO Product Marketing Procedure - Series 1

1.Analyze product attributes that are salient to Customers.
2.Examine  the distribution of these attributes among different segments.
3.Determine the optimal position for the product in regard to each attribute, taking into consideration the position occupied by existing brands.
4. Choose an overall position for the product (based on overall match between product attributes and their distribution in the population and the position of existing brands

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

I am Applying For SEO Manager - My CV

Dominador D. Casas Jr.
3rd St. Marcos Dr., Putik 
Zamboanga City, Philippines
Skype:  Dokemion

Technical Skills:

1.     Expert Knowledge on Search Engine Optimization (on-page and off-page)
2.     Expert and up to date Knowledge on Google Algorithm (Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird)
3.     Expert Knowledge on Wordpress Site Development
4.     Advance Knowledge on hmtl/css
5.     Expert Knowledge on Webmasters Tools and Google Analytics
6.     Expert Knowledge on Conversion Rate Optimization
7.     Expert Knowledge on SEO Tools and Software (SENuke, GSA Search Engine Ranker, Market Samurai, SEO PowerSuite, Scrapebox)
8.     Expert knowledge on Social Media Campaigns.
9.     Advance Knowledge on SEM/SMM
10.  Expert Knowledge on WhiteHat SEO, BlackHat SEO, Gray Hat and SEO Ninja,

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Applying for Product Manager - My CV

Dominador D. Casas Jr.
3rd St. Marcos Dr., Putik 
Zamboanga City, Philippines

Career Objective: 

A Product Manager position in your company with a passion for Growth Hacking and a focus on Product Management, Coordination and Leadership.

Summary Qualification
o   Growth Hacking
o   SE
o   SEM
o   SMM
o   Competitive and Data Analysis
o   Product Management
o   Leadership

Professional Experience

My Blue Chip Staff
Head of SEO                                                                                       
Jan. 2012 2014-October 2012

Management Role

·         Launched Product Marketing Campaigns for FMCG, drinks, automotive, finance, fashion ecommerce, travel and transport brands.
·         Took responsibility on managing finance, suppliers, budgeting and recruitment.
·         Manage direct reports
·         Created SEO process for website build projects and retained services.
·         Regular monitoring and analyzing websites’ performance using various web analytics 
tools. Implementing website, blog, email, ppc & flash tracking. Formulating clear reporting
strategies and presenting them to the client. 
·         Develop emerging trends and technologies in client marketing strategies.
·         Collaborate with Company's Executives in creating marketing strategy and planning to provide ROI analysis to key Clients.

Leadership Role

·         Manage and drive the growth of the SEO team.
·         Supervise and train and outreach specialist.
·         Regular monitoring and communication with the development team.
·         Help company agents in quantifying data reports.
·         Develop company agents working habits .
·         Develop company agents research ability.