Friday, January 9, 2015

Branding Your Website through SEO and Social Media

Hi Guys!

I was bored during a hard days work and decided to sit back and blog a little. I thought about the success on my last who I've worked with for 2 years she is no other than Rayzel Lam the owner of

For a factual information on my success working as her SOLE SEO Specialist. Here is a screenshot of her current rankings on various target keywords.

11 target keywods ranking on the 1st Page of Google, Yahoo and Bing! Amazing is it? Not only that if you go check out her Social Media Accounts such as her Facebook Page, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter you will notice how lively and active her supporters/visitors/fan whatever you call them. 

How did a simple blogger manage all this success? Well the answer is ME! Yes ME! I was the man behind every success of my client the sole SEO Specialist, Consultant the over-all adviser on her Internet Marketing.

What I did was Brand my client through Social Media and Brand her Site for Organic and Referral Traffic! The result is a continues or stable increase in Organic, Referral and Social Traffic. No PPC Needed! Plain SEO and SMM Campaign to Brand her and the site.

Oh man I have to go run an errand I will have to continue this so I can share with you about this campaigns.

Monday, September 29, 2014

I Got Hit by Penguin Update - How to Recover!


Four days from now it will be a year since Panda 2.1 was rolled out prior to it there was a Panda 2.0 was rolled out on the 22nd of May of 2013. 

In my entire career as an SEO none of my clients/contractors was ever hit by any Google Algorithm Updates. Since the first introduction of Panda and Penguin there wasn't a single issue ranking and maintaining my client's site on the first page of Google (Including this blog). In 2013 when Panda 2.0 was rolled out I already felt that somehow my client got hit by this Google update. I was a fool thinking that my client was just experiencing a Google dance in her ranking as most of her primary keywords are still climbing up the ladder to being #1 in Google and I got full of myself when those keywords who drop in rankings was soon back in their original while some even climb higher on their ranking after working out my new strategy. Then a day after Penguin 2.1 was rolled out everything I'm so proud of are gone. It was devastating! As devastating as Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan that hit my beloved country Philippines 4 days after Penguin 2.1 was launched. What's worse is there was no internet connection for 3 days. Not to mention that I just experience being in a city that is under siege by MNLF rebels. What a horrible life experience it was last year.

Being a Filipino is being tough and whatever circumstances you've been through we will always move forward and will always desire for a better tomorrow. Going back to the topic of this post I found myself working day and night researching, analyzing, reading blogs after blogs, forums after forums, comments after comments in regards to Penguin 2.1 update and how to recover from it, though my client hit badly by Penguin 2.1 there wasn't a single message sent on our Google Webmasters Tools account to notify us also her site is still index on Google search and is still bringing up Google organic traffics at it's lowest rate. For almost 2 months I've work under heavy pressure from client and pushing myself to the limit God is so good that He opened my eyes so that I can see what needs be done. Just before the year was about to end the changes I did starts to pay-off.

There's a level of punishment for a site that got hit by Penguin and if ever Penguin 3.0 will be rolled out this year here are the following things you need to check and do that you may know how to recover if ever you're site is one among the many casualty of war.

(Note: This is my personal and original thoughts. Everything that is written below comes from my own experience and I am not taking any responsibility or what so ever if you follow this guide or not)

Penguin Level of Punishment and How to Recover:

Level 1 (The Mild Stroke) - Your site will experience a drop in rankings and traffics wherein you'll find your keywords that was previously on 1st page can now be found on 2nd page or even deeper. I call this The Mild Stroke because this is where you'll notice that there is something wrong in your optimization both On-Page and Off-Page.

How to recover:
- Immediately re-check the changes you made that was done a month or two prior to the update.
- Redo what needs to be redone.
- As we are desperate to hit the #1 spot for our target keyword/s we'll do anything to achieve that goal forgetting that our action may lead to keyword stuffing.To avoid keyword stuffing while having a single niche that talks about Weight Loss you must have an Equal or at least close to the volume of content that talks about Proper Exercise, Eating Habbits et al where it stands alone and will not mention your target keyword Weight Loss. Meaning you'll have to cover the general aspect of your Weight Loss Niche.
- Immediately disavow your Nasty Spammy backlinks done.
- Build backlinks of highest Quality such Wikepedia. Backlinks that are quality often comes in small quantity you have to find them patiently.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Panda 4.1 - A Recap of the 27th Google Panda Update

Good morning everyone!

It feels good to blog once more. Due to busy schedules and life changing events this blog was unattended for more than 2 years! Well I did tried to continue blogging but something always gets in the way of it. Let's get it on!

This year Google Panda Algorithm's has updated twice. The first update came last May 20, 2014 Panda 26 aka Panda 4.0 wherein 7.5% of English queries were affected making it the 3rd highest in terms of affected English queries wherein the first update of this algorithm was at 11.8%. The second update was rolled just recently. Four days ago it has been confirmed that Panda Update 27 aka Panda 4.1 is out and has affected 3-5% of queries (Depends on Location). This update has not been blog at Google Webmasters Central nor at Google blog and not even on Matt Cutts' Blog but it has been announced by Pierre Far (Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google UK).

At the end of Far's post he said "Depending on the locale, around 3-5% of queries are affected." As far as I know locale is a set of parameters, a region and language identifier and is set at this format [language[_territory][.codeset][@modifier]].

As Google's Algorithm aims to eradicate low-quality content they've just landed in your country and soon they will knock at your door to check whether or not the content you have on your site is worth showing it on their search result. It doesn't matter when but sooner or later they will achieve their goal and we have to be ready for that.