Saturday, December 29, 2012

My SEO Strategies are Gold Mines!

Hi Guys! Happy New Year in advance to each and everyone!

Two days from now we'll welcome 2013 with food, wine, fireworks and with awesome parties! 2012 has been a productive year in my career as a Filipino SEO Specialist as to where I stand today with this knowledge I gained I say it's still not enough. With God's grace and love I had accomplished so much in the field of Search Engine Optimization in the past 6 months of 2012 than I had 3 years back! Imagine that!

I started experimenting one SEO Strategy after another on this blog way back in July of this year, it was exhausting but I got a good grip in just a week! In a month after I was Dominating Google's first page! That was an amazing result I got. Then I got incoming client, they came and they where in many! I was working on 3 clients at once and some others are waiting for my reply to work with them. Those exhausting experiments I did paid off! But I failed to produce the same result as I did on this blog and slowly lose my clients.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

SEO on Christmas Holiday!!

Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! 
 from +Dom Casas

Merry Christmas everyone! Oh my I said it four times and I want to say it more! Christmas is celebrated all over the world you can actually feel the jolly hearts of each individual who are celebrating it even to those who don't as they will appreciate the sparkling lights at night on houses or streets. This holiday actually brings a lot of joy to people.

But for Internet Marketers or Online Business that are not into Holiday/Gifts or products that beneficial for this season. The widely affected niches are "Health" "Fitness" "Weight Loss" "Diet" for almost everyone who are willing to buy online this December are something that can be wrap and be made a gift to be given to their love ones or dear ones. The most salable this times are greeting cards, gadgets, food, travel, anything related to this that will complete their Christmas!